You may have noticed that our Ministers of Finance frequently possess a given name which is a Verb (a Doing Word).

For sixty years, we have been Jacked and Harried, Robbed and Bobbed, and three times Billed. We have been Rogered and (Germanically) Ruth-ed.

Now things are looking up!  We are to be Granted!

Auspicious times for supplicants! Our Minister beams benevolently as the coalitionists jostle to spend the surpluses – on all manner of pork barrel schemes.  The 100 days is a licence to go hard out without budget constraint, and Boy! – the factions are delivering to their constituencies while the lolly lasts.

Whether Minister Robertson continues to Grant with such largesse depends on his strength and luck. Our two previous incumbents showed considerable strength against pleading cabinets but experienced variable luck. Both played their hands well and left a strong fisc.

This Government seems less prudent. Doctrinaire and uncosted “Let’s Do this” bombast indicate that the Granting will continue unchecked.